Incredible chronophotographs capture the trajectory of birds in flight

Barcelona photographer Xavi Bou has a deep passion for birds and their ability to fly freely. In his current photographic project Ornithographies, Bou uses one of the variations of non-invasive and controlled chronophotographs in order to capture the wonderful shapes and motifs generated during the flight of the birds. His technique allows him to make the visible invisible, to crystallize the states of the past, the present and the future in a single image.

    "I wanted to know what the shape of their flight in the sky would look like if our perception of time was different," Bou said of the series.

Bou's admiration for the birds comes from his long and unforgettable walks during his childhood with his grandfather in the Llobregat Delta, one of the places where we meet many species of birds.

Since then, his passion has continued to intensify, becoming finally the object of his trade. The title of the series, Ornitographies comes from the words "bird" and "writing" translated from the Greek "Ornis" and "Graphia". Bou considers his work as the intersection of art and science, linking images to a type of visual poetry.

Check out some of the photographs in the Bou series in the selection below.